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It mainly denotes an understanding of FASD, research that reveals the problems related to prenatal alcohol intake resulting in FASD in Canada and recommendation of a mother who supports no alcohol Saccades do not happen at random but where and when the eye will move to is influenced by properties of the stimuli bottom—up influences as well as by the goals and interests of the viewer top—down effects.

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Some affected individuals do not have heart cardiac abnormalities; others may not have elevated levels of calcium in the body hypercalcemia. Affected infants may also experience inward deviation of the eyes esotropia and farsightedness hyperopia. However, participants with WS have also been found to show evidence of sticky fixation on tasks that do not involve any social aspects.

Current limitations and future studies Although deficient eye movement planning resulting in sticky fixation can explain a number of strengths and difficulties observed in the WS cognitive profile, research remains limited, in that the studies often included small sample sizes and there is a lack of longitudinal as well as developmental studies.

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Hypercalcemia, or high blood calcium levels can lead to colic-like symptoms and irritability in infants. Difficulties frequently arise on the journey to one's dream.

Individuals with this syndrome have ongoing medical problems, which may include cardiovascular disease, developmental delays and learning disabilities.

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For her son Tom, the breadwinner, she often finds herself in arguments over staying out late and extracurricular activities Perceiving facial and vocal expressions of emotion in individuals with Williams syndrome.

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Williams syndrome