Why will internet never replace books

So the use of papers and written words have drastically decreased in last few decades.

books vs internet debate

And also such as a book you won't buy it, read it and then it's useless to you. To illustrate, in schools more emphasis now being put on teaching via computer and internet which is more interactive for students and also does not require them to carry heavy books and notes. Some parts of it affect the entire human lives and some parts of it function just for a short period of time for some selected part of the world or population.

In addition to that, kids and school students learn faster by reading books rather than e-books.

Why will internet never replace books

Give your own views in not less than words. Before the induction of the internet and computers in our daily life, we did not have that many benefits as we are having nowadays so in the past people used to give more importance to the written source of information and mostly people preferred those sources. Do you think that modern technology, such as the internet and computers will ever replace the book or the written word as the main source of information? Books are also companions in a way that the Internet can never be. This changing trend has been accepted mostly by youngsters, while there are still many readers who believe in the conventional method of reading books. Thus, they demand e-books instead of printed ones. M Layola English medium school,Srikakulum s. Also, there is no control on the information being posted on internet, various websites publish study material which is not approved by universities. Rather than replace books, the Internet is now being used by distributors like Amazon and Barnes and Noble to sell more and more books to consumers on a global scale.

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Internet will replace traditional books

To conclude, popularity of the internet reading has significantly increased among the readers. Internet is likely to replace paper With libraries becoming more and more empty it is already evident internet has replaced most books. The era of books is setting and it is dawn for the era of internet, which is environment friendly too unlike books, The Internet can replace books. In addition, the cost of reading will reduce due to not making use of physical paper. Moreover, especially young people prefer reading e-books instead of reading printed books. If the story is compelling, it will become part of our own mentalities and provide us with an experience which we will have had through the author. On the other hand, it is predicted that print out books, newspapers or magazines will continue to exist in future, though the number will decrease drastically.

In my view, in the future, printed books will be rarely bought and only found in the libraries. Students are encouraged to send their homework electronically to their teachers to be assessed rather than doing by classical method.

Their eyesights are getting negatively affected.

Has internet replaced library

Moreover, our lives are completely dependent on it now. You can even discuss the latest book you've read. Besides, regulars books are reliable and safe and can be kept for ever. Many people prefer to read electronic newspapers rather than buying them as well as they prefer internet search engines like Google and Yahoo! Multiple Jobs and busy schedules are even forcing people to forgo school education in favor of online education. Furthermore, one can reach the needed information easily through simple computer's find function rather than keep searching for a large collection of books for several hours. Additionally, several people have taken blogging as a hobby that generates a huge amount of electronic content for others to consume. The technological advancement in internet and communication technology is offering so much convenient that people are switching their habit to adopt the technology. Essay topics: 'The Internet will never replace traditional course books in schools. If the story is compelling, it will become part of our own mentalities and provide us with an experience which we will have had through the author. To start, click on the link below that describes you:. Books are also companions in a way that the Internet can never be.
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Can the Internet replace books?