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All the variables are having positive correlation with Employees performance.

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In this particular context, and to measure the degree of correlation between the employee performance and the Human Resource Management Practices, we have developed a questionnaire which we would like you to fill- up because you are the people having an expertise and a practical experience of the business market and we believe that your fair and expert feedback will make this research a very successful one.

Wood S Mohammad Cooke F L Baran, Karabulut, and Pekdemir Baran et al.

Phd thesis on hrm practices

Their research has found that HR practices have powerful impact on performance even if measured as productivity. Performance Appraisal 1. We highly hope that you would post back this questionnaire within days maximum of the receiving of this letter to us. All the variables are having positive correlation with Employees performance. Gardner, Lepak and Bartol Gardner et al. Karke connected industrial revolution with Information technology reveloution in terms of expected scope and the eff ect on the economy and society. Appraisal system in our organization is growth and development oriented. Career planning is a tool that aligns strategy with future HR needs and encourages employee to strive for his personal development William et al, Patterson et al while discussing impact of people management practices on business performance has argued that HR practices in selection and training influence performance by providing appropriate skills. New knowledge and skills are imparted to employees periodically to work in teams. He evaluated the diff erences in HR practices and the special eff ects of new HR practices on organizational change.

The selection systems followed in our organization are highly scientific and rigorous. If we can prove the effects of a system of HR practices on employee outcomes, this sector will be encouraged to invest more on its employee in an innovative manner. Employee retention is a serious issue for telecom companies.

phd thesis in human resource management in india pdf
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