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Their ancestors had enslaved the indigenous Messenians, who formed a subjugated population known as helots.

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As heads of the household while their husbands were at war, they were the masters of the slaves who performed the domestic duties. Their training had aimed at ridding them of any emotional weakness. For even though Spartan women were allowed to mingle amongst the Spartan men, they were still seen as little more than baby-makers.

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Sparta was ruled by two kings, whose power was checked by a council of elders and an assembly of citizens. Spartan History Sparta or Lacedaemon was for centuries one of the most important powers in the Hellenic world. Critically, unlike in other city-states, they could also inherit land and wealth and married, or widowed women were not controlled by a male authority figure. The fact that Spartan women were not controlled by their husband or father meant that they had a great degree of freedom. A Spartan women wearing a chiton The health of Spartan women Spartan women as we have mentioned before were required to be physically fit and healthy. Andrew Hanssen. They were determined to ensure that Sparta had a capable army, and this meant men were required to have physical prowess. The act was revered so dearly that women who died in childbirth would receive the same honours as soldiers who died in battle. There were many cults in Sparta dedicated to female gods and heroes. While the Spartan woman was much more free than Greek women, she still had a regiment to conform too, just as a Spartan man did. Such tasks were seen as tasks fit only for slaves. Then the militaristic nature of Spartan society meant that women had more economic and even sexual freedom.

This emphasis on the army meant that a premium was placed on the number of warriors available. The actual marriage ceremony for a Spartan woman was not typical in any way, the term they used would be a captured marriage.

Daughters inherited along with sons.

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The Spartans after receiving support from Persia established hegemony over Greece until they were defeated at Leuctra by the Thebans and their allies BC.

Following this example, the Spartans bricked up the temple door with Pausanias inside.

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Moreover, Spartan women could divorce their husband which was not the case in the rest of Greece.

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