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We saw from the marks on the ground that he must have fought in a circle on horseback and probably killed some of his enemies, being a brave man and well armed with a rifle, pistol, knife, and tomahawk. Thompson was probably around 40 when he died. Meet with Teton Sioux. The next day Bratton was cured. Marias River does not go far enough north. Cruzatte, F. Louis and striking him several times, without any provocation. Louis, the Field brothers went back to their home in Jefferson County, Kentucky. Throughout October, the Corps persevered through Idaho and into Washington, braving the wild Snake and Clearwater rivers, whose rapids ranked among the fiercest white water in North America. William Clark was 69 when he died at the home of his son Meriwether on September 1,

He later reported on the " Indian corn " he had grown as being an "excellent" food source. December Fort Clatsopthe Corps' winter residence, is completed. After discovering that Charbonneau spoke Hidatsa and that his young wife Sacagawea spoke both Hidatsa and Shoshone, Lewis and Clark hired Charbonneau as an interpreter — with the understanding that Sacagawea would accompany him.

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Other than Charles Floyd, who died of apparent appendicitis three months after the journey began, Joseph was the first expedition veteran to die.

Lewis would explore to the north, gauging the chances of fur trapping into Canada, while Clark would hew to the trail back East. That summer and fall the company of explorers paddled and pulled themselves upstream, northwest on the Missouri River to Fort Mandan, a trading post, where Corps of Discovery set up camp, wintered, and prepared for the journey to the Pacific.

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August 3: Clark arrives at confluence of Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers—moves down river because of mosquitoes. Another example of this situation would be that of Thomas Jefferson , who had a lifelong slave and "body servant" named Jupiter. In Montana, John Ordway accidentally grabbed one as he was reaching for a towing line caught in bushes but escaped unharmed. One of them got 1 of his feet frost bit. July 15— Camp Disappointment. In the Virginia society in which Clark grew up, it would not have been uncommon for a Caucasian boy to have a slave boy as a personal servant. Other than Charles Floyd, who died of apparent appendicitis three months after the journey began, Joseph was the first expedition veteran to die. One of the men was Pierre Dorion, Jr. Some medical historians propose that Meriwether Lewis suffered from neurosyphilis, causing mental derangement leading to his suicide. At the same time, Jefferson knew that Spanish agents were intriguing to detach the western territory from the eastern seaboard with tempting promises of free navigation of the Mississippi and use of the port of New Orleans at its mouth. On September 23, , the honorable John Lucas tapped his gavel to begin a murder trial. May Pass Boones Settlement. Lewis himself did not join the Corps until May 21 at St. So impressed were Lewis and Clark that they christened the spot Calumet Bluffs.

When the expedition met the Flathead Indians in western Montana in September ofLabiche played a key role in the complicated translation chain that must have brought smiles to at least some members of the party. No children were mentioned.

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Despite warnings from Rose, Ashley planned to stay and trade. August 1: Captain William Clark 's 34th birthday. He never married or had children and died in of two gunshot wounds, possibly self-inflicted.

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Army, published an account of the journey.

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Lewis and Clark's Expedition