How to write alternative metal riffs lesson

Using this technique gives the riff more aggression.

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Sounds weird but you'll hear this in your playing! A second guitar part harmonizes the main riff in thirds, allowing the Phrygian Dominant sound to be heard.

Drop d riffs

That's the focus of learning this riff. The goal is to alternate pick power chords on higher notes we're playing these chords on the D and G strings as opposed to the heavier strings. Like palm muting, playing power chords is a skill that you must master if you want to be an accomplished metal guitarist. Although I do like chocolate milk! There's a lot of finger movement and also a chromatic riff hidden in there. My goal is for you to be able to integrate multiple metal guitar techniques into one riff. How do you play pull offs? Now, the reason I add the term 'riffing' is because you're not just playing these triplets in one place. This is the only lesson in our 30 Days of Metal Riffs series that you'll break out your acoustic.

Check it out, then try coming up with your own single-string licks and riffs. Playing up and down on a single string produces a pleasingly consistent tonal quality that cannot be achieved in any other way.

As with the previous examples, alternate picked is employed here, so strive for precision and clarity in your articulation.

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The bulk of this metal riff is based on learning the technique. In bars 7 and 8, I switch from straight alternate picking to double pull-offs, wherein a picked fretted note is followed by a pull-off to a lower fretted note and then an additional pull-off to the open string, phrased as eighth-note triplets.

This will give you that quick, snappy sound of the three fast notes being played.

How to play heavy metal riffs

In this metal guitar riff lesson, you're not just alternate picking on one string. It's more about strengthening your fingers by playing metal riffs on acoustic. Simon teaches privately in the UK, globally via Skype, and runs a custom music transcription service from his home. Anyway, the point I'm making is this lesson isn't so much about the riff. And no, I don't mean runs as in having to poop! If you want a sure way to add more character and spice up your metal rhythm playing, throw in some single note rhythms. Kinda like us Metal Heads.
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Building Metal Riffs with the Phrygian Dominant Scale