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I loved this, as experimenting with various colour schemes and coming up with invigorating designs to create an overall, flamboyant effect suited me perfectly. This was because there seemed to be so much to it and the significant importance attached to promoting a product in an efficient way inspired me. For 6 years I have played both the violin and guitar. Your statement needs to be organised, logical and have no errors. Such matters will be dealt with severely. Get your statement checked by your parents, a subject specialist and your tutor, but do not ask too many people. I have studied Business Studies since Year 10 and it was the module of marketing that grasped me the most. I have gathered a lot of vital skills from my part-time jobs that I know are essential whilst working in amongst others and being a co-operative member of a team. In what remains of my free time, I enjoy music, socialising, and, as I have already mentioned, reading. Outline any relevant work experience or voluntary work Examples of any relevant Sixth Form academic work Examples of the skills you have acquired during your Sixth Form study Further reading or study beyond the specified A Level curriculum Any relevant project work If you choose more than one subject or course, you must explain why you like each one Where could studying the course lead? The expedition will last for four weeks and will include community and project work, trekking, and experiencing the culture and wildlife.

I've also loved the company of most of the two hundred or so other summer workers and made some amazing friends, which is my main motivation for returning to work in the spring. I have spent a majority of the previous two summers working at Lightwater Valley, a theme park, which has been immensely rewarding.

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Additionally I enjoy playing badminton, football and going biking. For my 'Service' I worked at a charity shop. My Open University Course has developed my self motivation helping me achieve success through independent study.

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I currently work at Breathing Spaces, helping out on social trips for people with learning disabilities. I believe both my caring nature and academic capabilities make me perfectly suited for the very special career that is medicine.

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The course allowed me to broaden my learning about a topic that interests me.

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