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Poem by: Saumya Sahni 7. There are lessons everywhere for everyone to learn from and grow wiser if he or she so wills. Written by: Saumya Sahni 2. Thank you for reading this.

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I should have added "use the good chin. I think it was Erma Bombeck who wrote "use the good china". Thank you!

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Well, keep your path how God planned, and you will soon find out. I say "bring it on! Have a story that may inspire people for good and spread happiness? Vladimir Karas 14 months ago from Canada JohnA present of wisdom so beautifully wrapped in versesfor all of us with souls open to learn or to be reminded. Thank you! There is always a lesson to be learnt from Brenda's golden plus four years that is worth sharing as what life has taught her to those who want to learn. Kind of a wavy deal matching you first photo. We get to a certain age and think about all the things we still haven't done, but yes it is never too late and miracles sure can happen if we make them. They don't always reciprocate the way you want. It's really hard for us to comprehend why despite our good disposition or attitude in life, we're still experiencing bad treatments from other people. Some are personal, to be kept private or to oneself while others are for public consumption. By 25, we want to grow in life. Each wishes that you blow a candle for on your birthday.

I chuckled about the part about not sitting around and dreaming, but getting out there, time is short. Rinita Sen 14 months ago Thank you for these, John. I am a long time fan.

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Miracles do happen. Great to see you. Relationships become messy and we fall out of love. Poem by: Saumya Sahni 5. The poem I must say reminds us of the various causes and effects of lessons accumulated in life. And, our interactions with nature are pure. We never stop learning until the day we die. Nikki Khan 14 months ago from London A great poem John, of course Karma does play a huge role and for life, live each day like your last one, I totally agree with you on this.

I am touched that my writing fills your heart with light and beauty.

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