Case study trap ease america

Case study trap ease america

She has only advertised in magazines. What kinds of control procedures would you establish for this strategy? What information do they need to evaluate this opportunity?

The product is not just a great product, but it is so useful for customers. They really value their product and want to show its usefulness. The price is cheaper than other brands and is a good price for a new product. The Trap-Ease is an above average product that provides a much needed customer solution. How has the company positioned the Trap-Ease for the chosen target market? Trap-Ease Americas competition is with any company that makes any kind of mouse traps like the spring loaded traps, gel traps or the poison. Positioning is concerned around dead mice and this product. There must be a backup plan always when the target sales and profits are not achieved. When the sales have gone down in April, the marketing strategy must be immediately changed. It does not contain any poisons like most traditional traps, which is a plus for mothers with smaller children. I think that the mission statement should be written in a such a way where it describes how this mouse trap is something different and innovative compared to its traditional counter parts because i think if the difference is clearly mentioned in the mission statement than it would definitely catch the interest of the customer when they are deciding on which mouse trap to buy. How do you think the group would write its mission statement? Money back promise should be made to the customers if the products are found defective. The administrative costs must be cut down heavily. Martha and the Trap-Ease America investors believe they face a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

There must be door-to-door salesperson to make the sales effective. Environmentalist and pest control companies would also be a good target market because it more humane way to remove pests, reusable, and a safer alternative. Animal lovers as this product does not really kill the mouse and it also is less of a threat to the other animals they have as it wont snap like the traditional mouse traps on the paw, tongue or any other body part of the pets.

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As they make new products, they can set new prices. Could it position the product in other ways?

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