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Stockmann's speech at the lecture is the closest he comes to speaking the truth about how he feels about the people and what is happening to him.

This is because despite his claims of being alone, he is clearly drawing on the strength of these two women. Stockman, it did. Because he refuses to be silent about the polluted water, and so speaks up when expected to be silent, he becomes an enemy by breaking ranks with those in power.

Only a few "events" happen afterwards; the play is mostly conversations. Stockmann are talking.

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The plot is flimsy. It is telling that Stockmann thinks of the time fondly and Catherine does not, for the contemporary events are quite similiar. The baths have been financed by a small group of wealthy men, who are now the stockholders in the company.

Petra, for example, is used as a vehicle for voicing the ideals of an emanicipated woman and although like Kate she ends the play by supporting Thomas, their actions may be interpreted as ironic. The shareholders control the baths, but the government also has a vested interest in maintaining the baths, because the baths draw tourists who spend their money in the town and, thus, keep the town's economy afloat.

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An Enemy of the People Questions