An analysis of free zones defined as special sites within the country

The zone has been working to develop basic infrastructure, including roads, telecommunications and electricity, and has constructed a smart building business centre. Regardless of the choice to expand the FTZ project, the sites should be selected and the application should be drafted in such a manner as to receive swift approval, while maximizing benefit to those that locate in the Zone.

Investing companies are provided with an investor guide and welcome pack, while a multi-service professional from the investor services team helps with all aspects of setting up in the zone. By clicking on buttons such as "Download" or "Subscribe now", you also consent to this registration of data.

The responsibilities of SEZ governing bodies should be clearly defined. The zone has developed the landscape across the site, including the demolition of 23, square metres of manufacturing facilities to make way for future developments.

Investors need only wait between 35 and 65 days for approval of projects, and benefit from a range of tax exemptions, including profit tax exemption, capital transfer abroad tax exemption and duty-free exports, among others. This ensures potential investors have a ready supply of sector-trained staff to support growth in their business.

The zone offers a dedicated online platform for registering ownership of commodities stored in UAE-based storage facilities.

special economic zones china

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This is at the heart of the K2 project, which involves co-operation with a number of key players, including schools, local authorities and investing companies.

special economic zones: performance, lessons learned, and implications for zone development

International cooperation on zone development is likely to become increasingly important.

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Global free zones have challenges to contend with