Advantage and disadvantage of ojt essay

Nevertheless, the training centre should be placed external to the job place.

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This might include structured academic learning at a university or college of higher education or vocational training in the form of NVQs, for example. Read reviews, talk to tutors and career representatives at your university to find out more about them. Apart from the companies, many of the schools also use this AV method to teach the specific curriculum. What is learned is likely to be based on what happened that day rather than on what a new employee needs to know to be safe and productive. As a result, organizational productivity as one single unit will be lowered considerably. Hence you need to evaluate your needs and design your training methods accordingly. Quick Learning OJT provides a favorable environment for quick learning. You are surprised and confused and hence, your productivity takes a hit as you would have to understand the whole process again.

Disadvantages of On the Job Training Methods: Are you not happy with the way the trainer is explaining to you the process of your work?

Or are there any disadvantages you should be aware of?

advantages and disadvantages of training methods used in an organisation

On the job training helps the company to save costs on training by saving on time, space and trainers but it also comes with a price. When you take a management internship course for college credit, you typically pay the same tuition and fees as you do for regular lecture classes.

Advantage and disadvantage of ojt essay

Apart from the companies, many of the schools also use this AV method to teach the specific curriculum. It ensures that you know in and out of the project by being the shadow of an experienced person for a while. Also, the training is artificial in nature and does not impart any practical experience which will serve as an efficient guide when it comes to solving everyday problems. Parents or other community members, who knew how to do a job necessary for survival, passed their knowledge on to the children through direct instruction. Plus, you have no guarantee that successful completion of a company's internship program will lead to a full-time job offer. Accidents can happen Advantages or Benefits of OJT: It is a practical way of explaining the new trainees of the project on how the project and its technology works, giving them a hands-on experience. Fall internships, summer internships, semester internships, and quarterly internships, no matter which ones, implementing an internship program means you have an ongoing list of future fulltime employees. Quick learning: You get trained in a classroom using a mock-up workstation and when you arrive at the actual workplace, you find that it is nothing like you have been trained to do! Immediate productivity: Every company wants to get its new trainers on board as soon as possible rather than waste their resources on the bench. Apart from the vocational skills that interns gain, they also get lots of soft skills which are crucial to not only finding a job but succeeding at one as well. The number of companies offering no pay or paying for only out-of-pocket expenses is decreasing, while some of the biggest firms are also beginning to offer more competitive salaries in an attempt to attract talent. This means that if your organization or company impresses one group of interns, word will quickly spread.

During the internship, the intern can develop himself and creating a network of useful contacts while at the same time understand the market and industry better. Not everyone can explain the job better as you need to have clear communication, patience to hear the questions and skills to answer them.

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Is the classroom training helping you achieve your goals with the new trainees joining your project? On the other hand, the goods that were produced by skilled trainers will be of a qualitative nature.

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You can experience the real-time projects giving you a better idea of how it works and what is expected of you.

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