A research on patriotism and its effects on people

The flaw of Jahromi's argument is similar to Park-Taylor et al. Three interviewers conducted 22 interviews with youth between the ages of 15 and 18 Ibid.

Research Design The Unit of analysis for my independent variables — someone's ethnic affiliation and religious affiliation — and my dependent variable — variation in defining "American," — all focus on individuals. I found support for age, which is one of my confounding variables in all three DV questions.

patriotism in school education

My first argument is that individuals who identity with more mistreated historically racial groups in the U. In contrast, nationalism tends to be activated when individuals are asked to compare their own country with other countries. Castillo, Robert S. The limitation of this study comes from the authors not mentioning any other causes besides physical appearances that can lead people to define what "patriotism" is.

Again, we do not see a drop in the level of patriotism as you move from other religions to Islam.

Definition of patriotism by scholars

Schwartz, Seth J. Comparing with the research that defines patriotism, there seems to be a lack of research where scholars explicitly highlight what causes individuals or certain groups of people in the U. As a consequence, these participants tend to identify more with others that share their painter preference who they subsequently reward more and punish less than participants with a different painter preference. Patriotism, in principle based on positive evaluations of the own nation, however, does not exclude or even demand criticism of the own community if the community does not meet certain standards Federico et al. Age is also factor in determining an individual's level of patriotism. Although there are several experiments analyzing whether national symbols such as the flag generate patriotism rather than destructive nationalism e. So one's ethnic identity correlates with how much they consider themselves to be "patriotic. Muslims in the U. The first confounding variable I will test is the respondent's age. As this paper tries to explore the possible causes, we can tell that the answer is not simple. Central, W. Hypotheses Hypothesis 1: Individuals who identity with severely mistreated racial groups IV in the U. The p-value is. Three multivariate linear regressions were performed to determine the causes behind an individual's level of patriotism. Park-Taylor et al.

However, the flaw is that they do not focus on any other causes besides group identity and sociocognitive fractures which exist between the conscious and unconscious assigning of the attribute "patriotism" among different ethnic groups. Further they found how personal identity was positively related to feeling patriotic and ethnic identity was negatively related to feeling patriotic Ibid.

Clocks and Clouds [Online], 7.

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In defense of a reasonable patriotism