A biography of joseph john thomson a physicist

Ties to the Chemical Community Of all the physicists associated with determining the structure of the atom, Thomson remained most closely aligned to the chemical community. Paget, K.

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Thomson is best known as the man who discovered the electron. It led to the discovery of the electron inone of the most significant events in science. They had a son and a daughter. Inhe became Master of Trinity CollegeCambridgewhere he remained until his death. His efforts to estimate the number of electrons in an atom from measurements of the scattering of light, X, beta, and gamma rays initiated the research trajectory along which his student Ernest Rutherford moved.

The group of men he gathered around him between and came from all over the world, and after working under him many accepted professorships abroad.

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In Thomson published an influential monograph urging chemists to use the mass spectrograph in their analyses. One of his students was Ernest Rutherfordwho later succeeded him as Cavendish Professor of Physics.

A biography of joseph john thomson a physicist

In those days the Wranglers undergraduates with First Class in the Mathematics Tripos were placed in order of merit, and there was great competition to come top of the list. In other words the particle he had discovered was a universal constituent of matter. It was later edited and republished in Nobel Lectures. A series of experiments with cathode rays he carried out near the end of the 19th century led to his discovery of the electron, a negatively charged atomic particle with very little mass. Mary the Less. Thomson is best known as the man who discovered the electron. He summarised his conclusions in the Philosophical Magazine of October "We have in the cathode rays, matter in a new state, a state in which the subdivision of matter is carried very much farther than in the ordinary gaseous state; a state in which all matter is of one and the same kind; this matter being the substance from which all the chemical elements are made up. He never advised a man entering a new research field to begin by reading the work already done. Later he estimated the value of the charge itself. In , the royal family honored Thomson with knighthood, and the following year he was elected president of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. Video of The Early Life of J. Up until the end of the 19th century, atoms were thought to be tiny solid spheres. They continue through a second slit in the plug S2, and travelling in a straight line shown black in the diagram strike the end of the tube at the point O, where they produce a narrow well-defined phosphorescent patch.

Inhe was successful in winning a modest sum of scholarship money, allowing him to go to Cambridge University.

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J.J. Thomson Atomic Theory and Biography